15 ways to start a revolution

Use your creativity to start a revolution!

Jim Palmer


15 ways to start a revolution:

1. Take ownership of yourself – see your life as something you have the opportunity and responsibility to create.

2. Become an independent and freethinker – question and deconstruct the prevailing views, mentalities, and ideologies that shape and govern our lives

3. Address the root cause of your own personal suffering, captivity, disharmony, and dissatisfaction – this allows you to truly be the change you wish to see in the world.

4. Stop dividing the world up into “us” and “them” or any label – see only one human family and every person as your sister or brother, mother or father, or son or daughter.

5. Approach humankind with compassion, realizing that every person is a manifestation of their conditioning until they become conscious of it.

6. Don’t settle for being against something – be an expression of what you are for.

7. Educate…

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