dream-1Having a dream and enacting it are two completely different things. It is like wanted to have a baby and actually getting pregnant. Then of course, once you are pregnant you need to feed the fetus and allow it to grow and mature before you give birth.

So today I want to get pregnant! I want to conceptualise my dream!

I have started reading John Maxwell 15 Invaluable Laws Of Growth. Amazing book and well worth the read. The first chapter talks about being intentional for growth. Growth doesn’t just happen. Getting better and better at something is not growth. Growth is expanding and developing. Are you intentionally making time to grow and develop, both personally and professionally?

I am very good at being busy mastering my job but I 1229969_10153226067785624_1059275299_nneed to set aside time for my dream, set goals and see the gaps where I need to learn and grow to birth it.

I guess that is where I am at. This blog will be my journey from conception to realisation of my dream and all the learnings in between.

Feel free to follow with me and share your own journey.


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